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Have You Seen This Countdown Timer?

[light]Beautifully[/light] Designed

Must see this timer that was developed by CountdownKings and is available in Free and Plus version. Setting the time is very easy to do, you do that with a tap of your finger. Numbers change with each passing minute and circle smoothly animates showing you remaining time. Circle also changes color from green, to yellow, to red as time is running out. For more info visit: http://www.countdownkings.com/nano-timer/

[light]Free[/light] Countdown Timer

Another timer from the same team available free for PC and MAC. This one has extra large numbers that can be seen from far away, which makes it perfect timer for speaking, meetings and similar events. And best of all, when time has run out, big red screen makes it obvious for speakers to finish their presentation, since this is often the problem, speakers not finishing their talk on time.


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